Sunday, October 23, 2011

ONE YEAR LATER, I AM BACK - October 2011

Dear Blog Narinan, Narinan, Narinan,

I am sorry I have abandoned you for this long. Facebook came to our lifes and it took over. Many things have happened in the last year, and I am not going to attempt to catch up. Just letting you know that my little one just turned 9 ♥ . She and I went to Disneyworld Florida last Christmas. 2010, and we had a great time together. My dear friend Nancy Vogel retired from teaching Drama at Wasson. Renee is fighting breast cancer at the moment. IKEA has opened a store in South Denver. I just ran my second marathon this past labor weekend, at a faster pace, but I suffered like I never suffered before while running (4h 20min). Last April 9th I met Tommy Rockstar. We ran our first marathon in 2009, the same one, without knowing that we would be running it again in 2011, this time sharing lots of good moments together. I really like-love-enjoy Tommy! ♥ Sonia & Cristobal came to Colorado Springs and stayed with me for a short winter vacation...I loved having them here! It was too short! I am not a dance teacher at Wasson HS anymore, I was removed by the worst principal and assistant principal we have ever had. No reason for that move, more than a personal dislike from first though in District 11!!! I am now Health & PE. Tommy and I just finished our first season as coaches for the Cross Country team at Wasson...big learning curve! Very sad that my little one is starting to realize the kind of person the A.Hole is, and the lacking of father's skills he has. I sold my Ford Windstar and bought a VW Jetta, please, be good!

These are just a few quick happenings in my life for the last year. The geatest of all, is that the things that really matter are still there: Anna is healthy, I am healthy, my BF Tommy is healthy. My heart is happy with Tommy. I can pay my bills, I can provide for Anna, I wake up every morning looking forward to live, I am still running strong, and I have beautiful friends in my life, who mean a lot to me ♥
...dear Blog, thanks for taking me back.

Pre-Halloween party Oct.21/2011

Halloween party for my little Anna