Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pueblo's Rock Canyon Half Marathon--2008

Mitja marató a Pueblo, Colorado.
Aquesta és la meva següent fita. Ja veurem com anirà. Em fa respecte, però, crec estic preparada per poder-la acabar…ja veurem en quines condicions…¡Ay, ay, ay! S’agraeixen consells per poder acabar-la i no morir en l’intent. Thanks!

What: Half-Marathon, 13.1 miles-21 Km
Where: Pueblo City Park, Colorado
When: December 6th, at 9:00am

The race will run about 2 miles in City Park, then go down to the Arkansas River Trail. It is basically an out and back course going about 5 ½ miles west to the base of Pueblo Dam and back. It will be run on dirt and asphalt trails along the Arkansas River (sorry but there is short distance on concrete). No traffic and great views. Despite the name the course is flat however, there is one short, steep hill about 12 ½ miles into the race, which goes from the river trail back up to City Park.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


One more Sunday in The Manitou Springs Incline.
Today the challenge for me was to go up twice in a row. My students thought I was crazy and didn't want to join me both times.

I had the same time for both ways up: 38 minutes. I felt great, and I am pretty happy about the time it took me. I ran down the Bar Trail both times, which I was not planning on doing. I was afraid for my leg joins going down hill. Let's see how my legs feel in the following 48 hours. So far so good!
I took some more pictures of the beautiful Colorado scenic views. The moon, early in the morning, was the protagonist.

Incline and moon
Uneveness in The Incline...this part is a killer!

Going down the Barr Trail. Snow on the North face

Getting creative with the moon

Same tree as before


Friday, November 14, 2008

"¿Quién paga por los pecados del hombre?"

Polémico cartel de una ONG italiana para el Día Mundial contra la Violencia hacia las Mujeres "¿Quién paga por los pecados del hombre?". Esta es la pregunta que lanza al aire el cartel elaborado por la ONG italiana Telefono Dona con motivo del Día Mundial contra la Violencia hacia las Mujeres que se celebra el 25 de noviembre. La polémica está servida. En la foto del cartel, una mujer desnuda, semicubierta con una sábada, está tendida sobre una cama en posición de crucifixión. La letra pequeña del cartel denuncia que... [leer la noticia completa]

Wednesday, November 12, 2008



NO HUNGER es una Iniciativa de Acción Contra el Hambre para gritar al mundo que podemos acabar con la desnutrición y que los gobiernos e instituciones tienen el deber y los recursos para lograrlo. Si quieres ayudar puedes firmar tu petición en


NO HUNGER is an iniciative of Action against hunger wich calls out to the world that we can end severe malnutrition and that the governments and political institutions have the obligation and the means to fight it. Everyone interested can sign the petition at

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yo creo que las respuestas eran muy obvias. De todas formas, congratulations Carlos!!!

All the way from Stockholm, Carlos, the only winner of our weekly genetics contest.

Per aquells estudiosos o curiosos de les, cel-lules, microorganismes i altres bichets diminuts amb els que compartim vivències diariament, aquí teniu la resposta (…supongo y espero que correcta) del guanyador:

Genomic region. Any specific area in any chromosome.

Lytic-lysogenic. When a phage infects a bacterium, the phage makes many copies of itself inside the cell and the bacterium bursts to release the phage progeny (lysis). When the chromosome of the phage integrates in the chromosome of the bacterium and stays there as a part of the bacterium’s chromosome (lysogeny). The phage can choose between the two life cycles.

Escherichia coli. The species of bacteria most studied in the world.

The Cox repressor lytic growth. Cox is a protein that facilitates the lytic growth.

Phylogenetic analyses
The phylogenetic relationship.
The relationship between different organisms, in terms of Evolution. For example, human are more related to apes than to dogs.

Phages. Or bacteriophages are virus that infect bacteria.

Pe and Pc. Promoters, region of DNA that causes expression (formation of proteins) of different genes. Here Pe induces lysis and Pc, lysogeny.

Se me olvidaba, Escherichia coli es una bacteria que vive en nuestros intestinos, los fagos que yo estudio también.


Saturday, November 8, 2008


Genomic region
Escherichia coli
The Cox repressor lytic growth
Phylogenetic analyses
The phylogenetic relationship
Pe and Pc

…A ver quién es el guapo o la guapa que se atreve a decirme de que van estos términos.
¡Habrán premios para los ganadores!

…Let’s see who is the cool guy/girl who can guess what all this terminology is about.
All winners will get prizes!


You may write a comment, or take a guess, in this blog by clicking below, where it says: COMMENTS

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We did it again, and we both improved our personal times. Today I think I pushed myself to the limit. What a great feeling!
Third time at the top
This babes took Rachel to the top in 32'50'' (about 2 minutes faster than last time)

...these babes took me to the top in 33'20'' (about 3 minutes faster than last time)

Last step of The Incline

View of Pikes Peak from the top of The Incline

...Wasson Dance pride
These are our times going down the Barr Trail:
Rachel 22'43''
Marisa 23'43''
Even though we walked a bit at the very beginning, we still beat our last time going down.
I am telling you! The Incline is addicting!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Very crafty pumpkin
Witches at the front yard
Very original and difficult pumpkin carving

(same photo with flash)

Little rest while trickrtreating

Pumpkin eats too may rocks...

...they become inuksuks. Just for you Firstofall

Good Bye Halloween 2008!